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Karting tips and tricks

Go-karting is really fun. But merely riding around won’t give you the satisfaction of winning the race right? So here are a few tips and tricks which you should take heed of if you want to cross that finishing line first!

Take the right position:
It may seem to be a basic tip, but your seating position matters a lot. Make sure you sit comfortably, with your back up against the seat. Leaning forward during the race will only end up slowing you down!

Adjust your seat:
After you get to seat yourself, make sure you adjust the seat with the help of the lever in front of you. If you’re not at the right distance from the steering, that will act as a deterrent to you winning the race.

Get a firm grip over the steering:
 The 10 and 2 position or whatever position you are comfortable with, make sure it’s symmetrical so that you have hold even when you’re turning or speeding.

Don’t bulk yourself up:
The lighter you are, the agiler you will be! So avoid any kind of heavy clothing that will add up weight and slow you down.

Remain steady:
Don’t simply speed up and then lose momentum with unnecessary halting and braking. Unnecessary acceleration is a big no.

Don’t accelerate and brake simultaneously:
Rookie mistake – This will cause the engine to stop!

Braking while turning :
Don’t brake while you’re turning; this will hinder your momentum. It’s best to brake when you’re on the straight path.

Learn to overtake:
Because many times, there will be slow drivers who will obstruct you from going ahead. Mastering the art of overtaking will prove helpful to you in such situations.

Follow faster drivers:
Make sure you follow the drivers who are at a good pace. This will make sure that you don’t get stuck because of any slow drivers. And as you are near the faster drivers, make sure you use every opportunity to zip past them and inch towards the finishing line!

Have fun Go-karting!!

Essential Hunting Gear

If hunting is your new found hobby, you need to get all your facts right. Right from the clothing to the necessary equipment, you need to armed with everything. Afterall, hunting expeditions demand that kind of precision. We’ve compiled a few essentials which you need to pack as your hunting kit on every hunting expedition:

Good boots:
You will be walking through the wilderness in search of your prey, so it’s pretty evident that you need a good, sturdy pair of boots. Also, boots act as a protection against any creature that may unknowingly brush past. So make sure you invest in a great pair of boots. They may be expensive but go for it anyways.

Proper layering:
You have to know the terrain you intend to hunt upon. So a little research about the climatic conditions will help you. You can choose your clothing accordingly. In case it’s snowing, ensure you got your coats with you to keep you warm. In case of rain, take along your rain gear along. You need to be prepared and alert, that’s the first rule of hunting!


Sturdy backpack:
Your backpack will basically be holding everything. So you need to have one that’s strong yet comfortable. Remember, you have to do all the walking around with the backpack on, so choose a good backpack.

Trekking Poles:
A pair of trekking poles is always welcome. Many go without these, but those who use them once, don’t want to trek without them again! They’re like your support system when the going gets tough! If there are streams or a tough terrain with loose rocks, they come very handy!

Hunting Knife:
Always keep a knife with you. Not any knife, a sharp and string hunter’s knife. This knife always comes to use in case of any attacks. So keep it in an easily accessible place.

A headlamp will aid you in hands-free hunting. And if you ask seasoned hunters, they will tell you the benefits of keeping your hands free while hunting. So, invest in a headlamp, it’ll be of great use.

Stout rope:
Most hunters bank on the credibility of stout ropes to use in harsh terrains and also to carry their preys. So make sure you bring a stout, sturdy and lengthy rope to aid you in your hunting expedition.

On a lighter note, you can’t hunt down your prey if you can’t see it! Get yourself a pair of 10x binoculars and zoom into that prey before hunting it down!

Hope this helps! Also, ensure you read a lot of blogs to get to know about the first hand-experiences of seasoned hunters.

Best Hiking Blogs

Hiking along plains, through jungles, cliffs and other beautiful places is soothing. And no doubt, hiking is a favourite hobby among masses. While exploring the terrains by themselves is something all hikers love to do, at times you may come across situations where you feel a little heads-up would do good! But no worries, because we have a list of blogs which focus on hiking and all the knick-knacks you need to know about hiking!

    1. Section Hiker:
      Most popular amongst all the hiking blogs, Section Hiker provides everything you need to know about hiking. Right from the gear used for hiking to useful tips in various terrains, Section Hiker has it all! And the hiker who authors this blog is Philip Werner, and he’s open to all the hiking related questions you may have or come across – he readily answers them all!
    2. Hiking in Finland:
      This blog is restricted to the hiking in Finland only. You will come across a lot of off-beat, beautiful hiking destinations to hike to in this Blog, which has been compiled by Hendrik Morkel. And this blog covers some other adventure sports too. Hendrik started this blog when he realised that there were no Finland based hiking blogs that were in English! So if you aren’t Finnish and still interested in exploring Finland, this blog is your go-to option!
    3. Just a Colorado Girl:
      This blog focuses more on the stunning Colorado mountain range in the United States. Heather Balogh Rochfort is the “voice” behind this well-articulated blog. And ladies, you can look up to this blog if hiking is your passion! She has totally nailed what you need to consider if you’re a female solo hiker. And there’s loads of other informative stuff too! Do give it a read!
    4. The Hike Guy:
      The guy who hikes with his wife and journal in tow! This is Kolby Kirk is on his mission to promote the hiking lifestyle and how to explore natural areas sustainably. There’s a lot to learn from this blog, as Kolby has covered all aspects you need to know when on a hike. His other passions –Photography and international travel also find a place in his blog. Read to get the most about hiking from this blog!
    5. Lady on a Rock:
      Christy Rosander has put forth her experiences as a seasoned hiker into this blog. And there’s a lot – right from safety tips to the right gear – she has covered it all. Her primary objective is to promote this healthy living, which can be achieved through outdoor adventure. A beautiful blog with actual photographs, you have to read this blog if you’re a lady who shares Christy’s passion!

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