If hunting is your new found hobby, you need to get all your facts right. Right from the clothing to the necessary equipment, you need to armed with everything. Afterall, hunting expeditions demand that kind of precision. We’ve compiled a few essentials which you need to pack as your hunting kit on every hunting expedition:

Good boots:
You will be walking through the wilderness in search of your prey, so it’s pretty evident that you need a good, sturdy pair of boots. Also, boots act as a protection against any creature that may unknowingly brush past. So make sure you invest in a great pair of boots. They may be expensive but go for it anyways.

Proper layering:
You have to know the terrain you intend to hunt upon. So a little research about the climatic conditions will help you. You can choose your clothing accordingly. In case it’s snowing, ensure you got your coats with you to keep you warm. In case of rain, take along your rain gear along. You need to be prepared and alert, that’s the first rule of hunting!


Sturdy backpack:
Your backpack will basically be holding everything. So you need to have one that’s strong yet comfortable. Remember, you have to do all the walking around with the backpack on, so choose a good backpack.

Trekking Poles:
A pair of trekking poles is always welcome. Many go without these, but those who use them once, don’t want to trek without them again! They’re like your support system when the going gets tough! If there are streams or a tough terrain with loose rocks, they come very handy!

Hunting Knife:
Always keep a knife with you. Not any knife, a sharp and string hunter’s knife. This knife always comes to use in case of any attacks. So keep it in an easily accessible place.

A headlamp will aid you in hands-free hunting. And if you ask seasoned hunters, they will tell you the benefits of keeping your hands free while hunting. So, invest in a headlamp, it’ll be of great use.

Stout rope:
Most hunters bank on the credibility of stout ropes to use in harsh terrains and also to carry their preys. So make sure you bring a stout, sturdy and lengthy rope to aid you in your hunting expedition.

On a lighter note, you can’t hunt down your prey if you can’t see it! Get yourself a pair of 10x binoculars and zoom into that prey before hunting it down!

Hope this helps! Also, ensure you read a lot of blogs to get to know about the first hand-experiences of seasoned hunters.